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A Trust Extended Worldwide

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Thousands of stockists and professionals worldwide trust and prefer Dooa as their hair and beauty supplier.


Dooa is an internationally recognised and renowned name in the ethnic hair and beauty industry.


Based in one of the world’s most vibrant capitals, our reputation has developed through understanding the market and knowing what our customers need.


This approach, whether it’s a small shop in the Seychelles or an international distributor in France, has enabled us to build long-lasting relationships in every corner of the globe.


We work closely with our suppliers to ensure the products we make and distribute are of a high standard. An innovative technical process in the treatment and manufacture of products ensures we maintain excellence.


Our products, and the ingredients used for them, are ethically sourced, and we work to ensure our suppliers adhere to and agree with this ethos. We pride ourselves in operating with integrity.


We have been operating as a worldwide importer, exporter and supplier for more than a generation. Our strong global network ensures we can source the very best products, adapt to any changes, developments and trends, as well as identify new ways to innovate.

A reputation built on Trust, Quality, Value and Service.

Become a trade partner

As one of the premier suppliers and distributors of beauty products, Dooa has developed a series of relationships with trade partners at various leves of the supply and distribution network.

Dooa has built long-lasting relationships in every corner of the globe.